Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bye bye Taqueria, Hello Organic Living

I've been MIA for the past few months, but I have a good excuse: I was held captive and had to be a part of the Humancentipad. Gross. I know.

Ok, I can't say I've been eating poo, but organic food is pretty close, right?! Just Kidding.

Micah and I have actually been super busy settling into our new city, Austin. It's been a busy two months, but after securing a new job and leaving my San Antonio job, I am ready to be an Austinite!

I will miss my neighborhood taqueria, El Tropiko, where the chilaquiles and hot sauce are off the hook; but I'm looking forward to having several banh mi shops within 5 miles of the house.

{Austin = Willie Nelson land. Photo: me}

Here are my TOP 5 reasons I will enjoy living in Austin (food related, of course):
  1. Options: There is an Ethiopian restaurant here (maybe more?). SA had ZERO.
  2. Asian Markets: The Asian population is bigger here, hence, bigger Asian grocery stores. The most popular one, MT Supermarket, is exactly 5 miles from our new abode. I miss my Asians.
  3. Brew-pubs: And lots of them. This was Micah's main reason for moving to Austin, fo realz. We are really enjoying the new Black Star Co-Op and we've always loved The Draught House. I can't wait to try the new Uncle Billy's Brew-B-Que next to the Oasis!
  4. Food Districts: There are so many cool areas of town where you can dine al fresco and people watch, e.g. Barton Springs area. SA was sorely lacking in this department.
  5. Whole Foods: Their flagship store is here and it's KIND OF amazing. Am I all about organic stuff? No. Do I want to pay 2X the normal amount for bananas? No. But I do enjoy the option to buy that stuff if I want to. The menagerie of prepared dished is seriously out of control.
I realize that Austin will be lacking in the "real Mexican" joints, but I'm sure if I roam around enough, I'll stumble across some.

I can't wait to get the new home in a more livable state so I can really settle in and enjoy all that Austin has to offer!

What are you favorite places to eat in Austin?