Saturday, February 11, 2017

Jensen Ackles is getting into the beer brewing business

I am a big fan of the CW's Supernatural. I've watched it since it started in 2004 and got Micah on board when we moved in together in 2007. The best part of the show is really the two main characters played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles—both of whom are Texas boys!

I've met Jared Padalecki a couple of times around Austin (since he has a home here) but I've never run into Jensen Ackles. Apparently my chances of running into him might be increased due to the fact that he and his wife are investing in a brewery out towards Dripping Springs! (you know, where every other brewery is.)

A few days ago, Jensen tweeted this:
When I saw that, I immediately started digging around to see what I could find out about the Family Beer Business Company. In the tweet, it showed the brewery would be open by spring 2017. If you know anything about Texas beer laws and zoning, you know it'll be more like summer 2017 by the time it opens.

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Either way, it looks like construction has already started on the brewery's lot located at 19510 Hamilton Pool Rd. In a Facebook post on the company's page, they started pouring concrete a few days ago. Apparently the brewery started in SoCal but then decided to move to Texas in early 2015. I'm not sure when the Ackles family got involved in the brewery or if they've always been involved.

Looks like their space will be similar to the other breweries in Dripping Springs: space for bands, outdoor games and food trucks.

According to TCAD records, the 15-acre property along Hamilton Pool Road was purchased back in the summer of 2015 for the brewery space. TABC records shows the company filed for their Brewery license in December 2016.

Now we wait and see what kind of beer this place comes up with and if Jensen will be a part-time bartender at the brewery, if so, I might be there every damn weekend (but only if the beer is good). Micah immediately asked if the beers will be named after Supernatural characters. I mean, it makes sense to me. A Scottish ale for Crowley will be a must.

From Family Business Instagram