Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Brunch for the Baby Bump!

One of my closest friends is going to be a mama in less than 3 months!

The idea of me throwing a baby shower for her 6 months ago would have been laughable! But it's funny how life works its magic!

My friend, Frida, is a vibrant, strong, and amazing woman -- I could not ask for a more awesome friend!

Frida has been documenting her pregnancy at her blog and giving readers a little glimpse into her world. Read it! :-)

Back to the shower. Frida was hesitant about a baby shower to being with -- too many baby things! But I told her it was happening either way! Frida made it very clear she didn't want the party to be too baby-ie. Thankfully, I couldn't agree more! I hate baby games! Why do people insist on melting candy in a diaper is beyond me. We just wanted an adult party with some bubbly!  Doing so would allow Frida to chat with all her friends without being forced to sit down to open gifts and have toilet paper wrapped around her belly.

After numerous emails, between Frida, Cris, and Ericka we managed to have a baby shower that was beautiful and FUN! Frida thought of the Dia de Los Muertos theme (not morbid!).We all chipped in and I think everyone had a fabulous time!

{the lovely ladies who helped make this happen!}

Thanks to Ericka for letting us host at your house. Thank you Houston weather for cooperating!

We decorated the backyard with fun pompoms, Frida's pics and colorful flowers. Frida had the genius idea of giving away her framed photos as raffle gifts. YES! I was able to get the tables for a good price via a man on craigslist. Double YES!

One of Frida's co-workers made this awesome centerpiece table! Love the pumpkin and the banner!

In lieu of games, I put together a "Decorate a Onesie/Bib" table! I went on ebay and got tons of iron-on appliques (so much cheaper than buying at a craft store). I also got some fabric markers and paint! I also bought various sizes in the onesies so the baby would have crafty clothes all year!

Now the food! Since it was a brunch, we had a mixture of delicious goodies!

I made: turkey sausage/cheese biscuits, fruit plate, blueberry muffins, and a berry lemonade punch
Cris made Mexican hot chocolate and pan de leche
Ericka supplied us with a bountiful supply of oj and champagne for mimosas!
Frida got awesome tamales from a lady in her neighborhood. I don't love tamales but these were kind of delicious. She also got platanos!
My sister didn't want to be left out so she made chicken salad croissant sandwiches. Thanks sis!

{awesome spread!}

Needless to say, no one left hungry! As the sun was shining and people were mingling I think we all came to the consensus that it was a successful baby shower for one of our favorite ladies!

I can't wait to meet baby Gael in 2013 and see him grow up! I know Frida will provide him with all the support and love a mom can give -- and it will be beautiful! I love you both!

P.S. I am offering to babysit every now and then... in Austin. :-)

Courtesy: all pics were taken by Ericka Hernandez