Friday, June 18, 2010

Did you bring fruits, vegetables, plants, food, and insects?

The answer to this Customs Declaration question is always "NO!" Since I didn't want to contaminate the US produce supply with fruit flies, I refrained from smuggling lychee and durian onto the plane (lets whip some of that stuff out in a confined space).

We just back from a 3-week trip to Asia - 4 days in Tokyo and 2 weeks in Vietnam! I will be posting travel recaps over the next few weeks... give me a break, I haven't even unpacked all our crap yet!

Although I didn't bring any delicious fruit back, I did make do with some other goodies!

-5 kg cashews
-4 kg ground viet coffee
-2 kg whole viet coffee
-1/4 kg viet cinnamon bark
-1 box of dried shrimp (used to make soups)

The cashews in Vietnam area AMAZING! Roasted, unsalted, and absolutely divine. One time, I think Micah ate 1 lb of cashews in a sitting! The coffee is also like no other: nutty but not overly bitter. If you're a foodie, you already know that Viet cinnamon is the best cinnamon out there. It's like crack! You buy it in bark form over there and you can literally break off a piece and chew it like a piece of Redhot Candy!

If you're lucky enough to know me personally, some of these items will be headed your way! Yipee!

I always find edible items are better souvenirs than something that will just sit around your house and get dusty.

Come back over the next few weeks to find out about all the delicious food and amazing things we experienced in Tokyo and Vietnam! Here are some teaser photos to keep you busy until then:


  1. Wow, you look authentic Vietnamese in the last photo! :oP

  2. It's the AZN -- betta recognize!

    I'm glad you had such a good time! I am hella jealous over these food pictures. Seriously amazing. My coworker brought in some nonsmelly durian chips the other day. :)

  3. More pictures Calily! So jealous of you...

  4. OMG the OC looks sooooooooooo goooddddd!!!!!!!

  5. Adrienne: durian chips, huh? I can't say I've had that! I actually think durian smells great!

    Tracy: trust me, there will be plenty of pics!

    Trang: the oc was delicious! the best ones are the small ones in coconut milk.

  6. I'm officially a follower seesster! I had to sign up for a gmail acct.
    Yes the OC was wonderful! Oc Len xau dua. the broth is scrumptious!