Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Texans want more beer!

I should rephrase that... Texans want more GOOD beer! And most brewpub owners in Texas want to give it to us!

San Antonio's Representative Mike Villarreal authored HB 660 with the help of Freetail's Brewing Co.'s Scott Metzger and Blue Star Brewing Co.'s Joey Villarreal to expand where a brewpub's beers can be sold.

I know, every TX Lege session, there's always the same bills trying to get pushed through, e.g. legalizing casinos and allowing breweries to sell beer on-site (which they should be allowed to do). But, this HB#660 might be gaining momentum due to social media. More people are aware of it due to Facebook and Twitter.

After seeing my Friends on Facebook "like" the HB#660, I read more about it and decided to do a story for our 10 p.m. news. I'm not the reporter on the story, but I did push for the story and got all the players to talk to us. :-)

KENS 5 Story:

For more information on HB#660:
1. Scott Metzger's Blog: http://brewednotbattered.wordpress.com/
2. Like it on Facebook
3. Follow it on Twitter
4. Keep track of the process: TX Lege

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