Monday, October 22, 2012

Supernatural Top Chef

No, I didn't meet a Top Chef that has supernatural powers... but some might say Paul Qui does indeed have special powers! 

Micah and I didn't go to ACL this year. We actually haven't been to ACL, ever. I know! We live in Austin, we should totes be going. We don't. So not ATX of us. Whatevs. Maybe next year? Maybe.

Even though we didn't go to ACL, we did make it down to the XBox ForzaHorizon party! Free drinks, fast cars (games, of course), and music! 

While we were there, I spotted an Asian that I thought looked familiar (we don't all look alike). 

When he turned around I realized that it was Top Chef Paul Qui! Paul's been to my station before but I didn't get a chance to say 'hi' so I made it a point to say hi to him at the event. 

He was absolutely lovely and totally nice! I wasn't expecting anything less!

Of course we both have water on our shirts. What a hot mess. We were both drinking Asahi - so Asian of us.

So obviously my night started off with a BANG! I was beyond thrilled that I chatted with Paul but then this happened.

Micah was facing the entryway when he said "Wouldn't it be funny if Jared from Supernatural showed up tonight?" I said "OMGeez, I would have a heart attack."

Five minutes later, I turned around and lo and behold JARED PADALECKI was talking to Paul Qui. I die. 

Micah recognized Jared early on and totally fooled me! 

We actually saw Jared Padalecki over the summer at Uncle Billy's Brew B Que on Barton Springs. I didn't approach him then because he was with his family. But I wasn't going to let another chance pass me by. 

When he walked by us, I stopped him and told him we are big fans of Supernatural! He was unbelievably nice and NORMAL. His wife was equally nice. They apparently have a home in Austin (hence the summer in Austin) and visit semi-regularly. YAY to seeing more of Jared in the ATX!

{It's almost like a ghost was in this picture}

{So I tracked him down and got another one. Rabid fan? Nah.}

When I left that night I had a grin from ear to ear. Seriously, BEST NIGHT EVER!
Don't watch Supernatural? You should. It's on the CW on Wednesday nights!

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