Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome, Chao, Bienvenue, Wilkommen... to our new blog!

Calily: We should start a blog that incorporates both of our hobbies [brewing and cooking].
Micah: Why? No one cares or needs to know about my home brewing.
Calily: Of course they do! Your homemade rig in itself is interesting! Also, San Antonio is lacking in food blogs!
Micah: You can start it.

I'm pretty sure that's how that conversation went. After contemplating about it for awhile, we (mainly myself) decided we were going to do this!

So this blog "Micalily" will be our place to document: Micah's beer making magic, Calily's cooking endeavors, our adventures in drinking and eating in San Antonio and around the world!

Also, Micah came up with the genius paparazzi blog name of "Micalily." :-)

Hopefully this site will entertain you and give you some ideas on brewing/cooking/drinking/eating. Y'all come back now ya hear!


To keep with the theme, here are a list of restaurants that are opening in the Alamo Ranch area (1604/Culebra) - surprise, they're all chains!:

  1. Red Robin: opened this week. If you eat there this week, Centex Red Bird will donate 50 cents from every gourmet burger sold to Boys Town Texas. Score! Red Robin doesn't have the BEST burgers, but it's solid and they do have BOTTOMLESS steak fries. Nomnom!
  2. BJ's Brewery/Restaurant: I think they opened this past weekend. We actually like BJ's and now that we're card carrying members of American Homebrewers Assoc., we'll get 10% off! Interesting fact - the beer that they sell in the TX restaurants are brewed at St. Arnold's in Houston, TX.
  3. Freebirds: opens April 30 (we still prefer Chipotle!!)

These 3 restaurants are joining a slew of other chain restaurants that have opened at this busy-azz intersection.

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