Friday, May 7, 2010

American Craft Beer Week: Freetail style

Freetail's brewer, Jason, just released the following beer schedule for American Craft Beer Week (May 17-22).

If you haven't had a chance to hit up this great brewpub, please make your way there and support your local breweries!

Here's what they have currently on tap: 3Tail, Maakoos, Phantom of the Hopera (dry-hopped w/ Amarillo), as well as the usual suspects. That Jason is a wordsmith!

For ACBW, Freetail is releasing their Bat Outta Helles.

Other stuff Jason is working on---
Just Brewed: Buck Wit U.--an amber wit bier brewed w/--you guessed it--buckwheat!
Brewing Tomorrow: A Beer Called Tim--Schwarzbier.
Brewing soon: Verano Sin Fin--summer saison; Hopothesis C--Theoretical Ale, all Crap hops; Broken Promise--potentially the Bexar Brewers' in-club competition brew...details to follow.

For more information on what Freetail has in store for ACBW, check out Freetail's site.

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